JULIA JACKLIN- Crushing. [Polyvinyl].

The honour for my first coloured vinyl record of my blog goes to Julia Jacklin. Her second album- Crushing, in glorious orange, yum.

There is a large choice of colours for this one- Green is the standard. There is also an ultra limited edition white and green starburst version. I wanted the orange vinyl early bird edition as it came with a free orange flexi! Yay!!!

It’s a wonderful LP. Musically it’s more diverse than the first album, so incredibly delicate at times such as on-when the family flies in, convention good guy and the achingly beautiful turn me down. It does threaten to rock out at other times [well nearly]. Surprisingly the single Eastwick is not represented as it would have fitted in nicely. This album will stand the test of time.


STELLA DONNELLY -Beware of the Dogs. [Secretly Canadian].

I have the European bogey green coloured version [officially olive] which is really quite gross but I love it! There is also an US green opaque version.

Stella Donnelly’s debut album continues from where her previous EP endearingly titled: Thrush Metal left off. Boys will be boys from this EP is also on this album. Stella tackles subjects head on that most other artists would not touch with a barge pole. It would be too easy and lazy to reference Lily Allen as an influence, indeed other reviewers have done so, possibly because both artistes are not afraid to swear [fuck! shock horror!]. However I think Stella’s songwriting stands up on its own and when she sings fuck- it’s well placed and she means it.


WEYES BLOOD – Titanic Rising [Sub Pop].

Fierce competition for Coloured Vinyl LP of the month for April. Strong contenders were: Shana Cleveland- Night of the Worm Moon [Hardly Art] on orange vinyl and Rose Elinor Dougall – A New Illusion on clear blue. But Titanic Rising, the fourth album from Weyes Blood was a deserved winner. There is a Loser edition on red vinyl but I plumped for the Rough Trade exclusive on Gold vinyl. It s a lush record and Natalie Mering’s vocals soars over lush soundscapes of synths and strings. The track ‘Movies’ that kicks off side 2 is enormous and is reminiscent of Susanne Sundfor when she really goes for it- if you know what I mean.



Another dreadful sleeve from the band, possibly even worse than their last album ! But don’t judge an album by it’s cover as the music contained within is sublime, perhaps more laid back than their previous offerings. Big Thief’s 3rd album sees them move from Saddle Creek to 4AD. The first pressing for indie stores is orange vinyl, Resident Records in Brighton are selling it for a very reasonable £15.99. Other contenders this month were : Honeyblood – In Plain Sight [Marathon] on dark green and Fujiya & Miyagi- Flashback [Impossible objects of desire] on red vinyl.