They may not be sandy but Kardamyli has some lovely places to swim.

Kalamitsi Bay

The bay where Patrick Leigh Fermor lived is stoney on the left and rocky to the right but is a good place to bathe and snorkel but can get quite busy. You can park in the road that leads down to the bay.

St John’s Bay

Not immediately as attractive as some other options but pleasant nonetheless. You can swim from the harbour arm in the bay.

The Centre

There are a few places in Kardamyli where you can enter the sea from platforms or steps. One such place is near the church and another is by the deserted Soap Factory.

Ritsa Beach

My favrourite beach in Kardamyli lies on the northern edge of the town. There is plenty of parking available. It’s probably the quitest beach in the area served by a taverna.

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