Well, it was inevitable I suppose. I love travel, cooking and music. I have already got the travel and recipe bit covered in my website so I needed somewhere to include my passion for musicy things. So here it is! When gigs are allowed to start again I intend to create a Gruntie’s Gig Reviews page too.


I now have a decicated PLAYLIST PAGE with an eclectic range of musical delights from Scandinavia as well as my favrist B sides and more.

I have created a Grunty Top 20 Spotify Playlist which I will update every couple of months. it will be a mix of recent releases and older stuff that I am enjoying.

I change my playlist every couple of months. Click on the link below if you want to listen to some great music!

The current playlist is for: JULY / AUGUST 2021 PLAY IT LOUD !!

Coloured Vinyl Record of the month

To start things off I have created a Coloured Vinyl Record of the Month page as I love records and coloured ones even more! The first one is for January 2021.

Music from Scandinavia

There is so much great music coming from Scandinavia. I now have pages on Music from Iceland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Click HERE if you want to find out and hear more.

Gruntie’s Gig Books

Yes I know- it’s very nerdy but I have kept a record of most of the gigs I have attended since 1979 ! I have archieved nearly all the gigs that I have attended for my own self satisfaction, I have included some piccies where I can. I normally get to see well over 100 bands a year, although not so much during the pandemic! so if you want to take a peek click HERE. [there’s lots !]


Gruntie’s Coloured Vinyl Record of the Month

Music From Scandinavia Homepage

Gruntie’s Gig Books Homepage