The drive to Gerolimenas from Areopoli is wonderful and takes you past deserted coves, tower houses, sleepy villages and ‘The Frying Pan’. The roads are empty, just the occasional car. Supermarkets are few and far between in the Deep Mani, although there is a decent one on the main road just south of Gerolimenas, so bring plenty of snacks and water with you.

To the east of Gerolimenas is Gythio, the capital of the Mani. Heading south of Gerolimenas you will discover the famous near abandoned village of Vathia. However, even closer to Gerolimenas is the less well known Mountainistika, scroll down this page for more informaton and photos. After Vathia it’s not far to the very bottom of the Peloponnese –Cape Tenaro.

Erimos Sinkhole

Heading south towards Gerolimenas you will probably whizz past Erimos. If you have the time it’s worth searching out the amazing sinkhole on the edge of the village. It’s not far from the small pretty Church of Agia Barbara. On my visit the sign pointing to the sinkhole had been destroyed. The road there is dreadful, so park by the [not] sign and walk the 20 minutes or so to the sinkhole.

There are lovely views of The Frying Pan to the left as you walk to the sinkhole which is on the right of the path and it’s so big that you can see it on Google Earth. It is very deep and shady and there is a mini forest growing within and if you listen carefully you can hear dinosaurs rampaging in the depths below. It’s amazing that nobody has bothered to mention this to the outside world but perhaps it’s best as a well kept secret! The sides of the sinkhole are vertical, so do not attempt to climb down.


The near abandoned town of Vathia to the south of Gerolimenas is well known. Mountanistika to the east is less so and is well worth a visit. It’s one of the highest villages in the Mani so the views are amazing and the mountain drive to get there is spectacular but a bit hairy if you are afraid of heights.

A view inland from the edge of Mountainistika.


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