Naples has a huge range of eateries to suit all budgets with cafes, cake shops, ice cream parlours, restaurants and the more informal trattorias in abundance. I prefer to eat at unfussy places popular with locals. Naples, being the home of pizza meant that pizza had to be on the menu, and pasta too of course.

Pizzaioli Veraci Toledo

The pizza and pasta were wonderful at this Trattoria. It’s in the Quatieri Spagnoli district near Galleria Umberto 1.

Osteria 11 Gobbetto

We had a wonderful time in this small Trattoria which is on Via Sergente Maggiore off from Via Toledo. The food was so plentiful that there was not room on the table for all of the plates! The food was delicious, the wine was cheap, the service was very friendly and the owner insisted on dancing with my daughter! It’s advisable to book in advance.

Trattoria da Nenella

In the heart of Quatieri Spagnoli, this is a rather eccentric establishment with singing waiters, tips that you throw into a basket on a pulley and simple non fussy food and the house wine was a bargain. It was quite noisy, very bonkers but we loved it.


You will most likely have to queue to get into this pizza restaurant which is not a wonderful introduction. It’s next to San Domenico Maggiore in Spaccanopli. It only sells pizza and has been a Napoli institution for many years. It has become a bit of a tourist attraction now but it’s worth a visit.

Casa Infante

We rarely order a dessert in a restaurant but we did enjoy stopping off at Casa Infante in Toledo on the way back to our hotel every night! I am sorry to say that Leashia and I were inebriated on each occasion that we popped in for an ice cream to take away, but the staff humoured us and gave us freebies – yay!

Oh yes, the ice cream was delicious, almost forgot to mention.


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