There are lots of meaty options on offer in Krakow but vegetarians should be OK too. It helps if you like beer or vodka to wash down your meal. I particularly enjoyed Bigos, a meaty cabbagy stew which is wonderful especially on a cold winters night and Pierogi, savoury or sweet stuffed dumplings, is found everywhere. We ate at some great places in Krakow, here are some recommendations:

We had a superb meal, great value meal at Starka in Kazimierz. Prior to that we had a few drinkies in a bar where Monique had the best hot chocolate ever at Siedem miliardów uśmiechów, a Twój jest moim ulubionym. Well I think it was here but the name is so impossible to pronounce and remember that I may have got that wrong! Oh the title of the bar means ‘Seven billion smiles, and yours is my favourite.’ [Thanks Google translate].

Piwnica pod Kominkiem

I love cellar restaurants and this one served great Polish food in a romantic setting.

Pod Aniomli

This restaurant was a little more upmarket than the others we visited. The food, service and surroundings were excellent.

Pod Wawelem

We just had to try this place not far from Wawel Castle which was more a pub than a restaurant. Portions were grossly huge, prices were great and it had its own handy vomitorium just in case, so thoughtful.

We also had a pleasant pierogi lunch at Malowanka on the edge of Kazimierz which I believe has now sadly closed down. I must confess that were were mostly attracted by its name!

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