My personal selection of my favritist places in the Peloponnese -in no particular order.

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  1. LANGADA PASS [Laconia] The very bestest way to travel between Kalamata and Sparta.

2. MYSTRA [Laconia] Near Sparta is an abandoned Byzantine town on a hillside. It’s wonderful.

3. GERAKI [Laconia]. This is another abandoned Byzantine settlement. It’s not as large as Mystra or as well known. A magical place to visit.

4. MONEMVASIA [Laconia]. Another Byzantine settlement, this one is not abandoned and is much as it was in the olden days.

5. KASTANIA CAVE [Laconia]. One of the most beautiful caves I have ever visited.

6. POLILIMNIO [Messinia]– Set in a fertile green valley, this is where to head if you fancy an icy cold dip in freezing mountain water.

7. KALAMATA [Messinia] Isn’t Kalamata an airport ? Well, yes, but this vibrant city is well worth a visit.

8. ANCIENT MESSENE [Messinia] Less muddly than Olympia and less visited, but wonderful.

9. OLD VOULCANOU MONASTERY [Messinia] The views of Ancient Messene from Mount Ithome are superb. It’s worth the arduous walk.

10 METHONI [Messinia] Home to one of the bestest castles I have seen.

11. KORONI [Messinia] A very attractive sleepy harbour town which has a rather good castle too.

12.KARDAMYLI [The Mani] The perfect place for lunch, or dinner, a swim and a mooch. The wonders of Old Kardamyli is easily missed as it is hidden from sight off the main road.

13. KASTANIA and the TAYGETOS MOUNTAINS [The Mani] This picturesque village in the mountains is only a short drive from Stoupa. There are several churches with wonderful frescos, a restored tower house , oh yes -and two tavernas- yay!

14. AREOPOLI [The Mani] A pretty village hidden from the main road in the Southern Mani. It comes to life at night.

Abundant Life Church by Athanaton Square.

15. LOUSIOS GORGE [Arcadia]. An amazing gorge with two wonderful monasteries and pretty mountain villages.

16. ANCIENT OLYMPIA [Elis] A visit to the world famous home of the Olympics is a must.

17. NAFPLIO [Argolis] A vibrant and attractive town with three castles!

18. ANCIENT MYCENAE [Argolis] Another wonderful ancient site with tombs, imposing walls and a secret tunnel to explore.

19. ANCIENT EPIDAVROS [Argolis] A huge [and still functioning] open air theatre, a stadium and more.

20. ANCIENT CORINTH [Corinthia] You can still walk around this ancient Roman City which is in pretty good nick considering its age.

21. ACROCORINTH [Corinthia] High above Ancient Corinth is this medieval fort which offers amazing views.


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