St Andrew’s Church, Kiev

I LOVE going on city breaks, from the extensive research beforehand to the actual experience. Skyscanner and Tripadvisor are where I like to start my research, trawling around looking for bargains.

I tend to focus on Northern and Eastern European destinations as well as Nordic countries, I do not really know why,  I suppose they are relatively inexpensive and easy to get to from the UK and I am not good at saving. So no long haul destinations here!

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Little Mermaid, Copenhagen.

This is [mostly] a pictorial archive of cities that I have enjoyed visiting over the last few years. The most recent trips in my blog are more comprehensive with some words of wisdom and recommendations while the info is still fresh in my brain and is more relevant.


The destinations are generally, but not exclusively Northern European, Baltic or Scandinavian countries. I don’t mind going away in the Winter, actually I love winter city breaks! The days are short, the air is crisp, snow on the ground and it’s bitterly cold. Sailing over a frozen sea, catching the Northern Lights are experiences I will never forget. Of course it does make walking around more of a challenge, but hey ho! It also means less tourists which is fine by me.

My favourite destinations? Well I have enjoyed every City Break but if pushed, Budapest, Sofia and Tallinn stand out and I want to return. I love Reykjavik and have been several times and I am planning to drive the Iceland Ring Road one day.

Russian Church, Sofia

Future desinations? – I want to go back to Tromso [in winter]. Oh yes- I also want to return to St Petersburg and take the train to Moscow. I would also really like to go to Svalbard, Vilnius, Plovdiv…..

Church of the Saviour on Blood , St Petersburg.

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