View of a large chamber in the mine.

Just six miles from Krakow is Wielicza Salt Mine. Mining started here on a large scale in the 13th Century. Over many hundreds of years miners have carved and created exquisite images, statues, chapels and chambers, all out of salt. You will need around three hours here, we combined it with a visit to Auschwitz which worked well for us although it was a long day.

Disorientating view looking down the stairs descending into the mine.

The mine reaches a depth of 327 metres underground and there are around 2,400 chambers and 245 kilometres of corridors.

A salty Last Supper.

There are various options available for the visitor. We chose the Tourist Route visiting 23 chambers connected by 2.5km of corridors over 3 levels to a depth of 135 metres underground. You start by walking down a wooden staircase that seemed to go on forever.

Don’t worry, you do not have to walk back up thousands of stairs to the exit. But you do have to squeeze into a small pod-like miners lift, definately not for the claustraphobic, or flatulent.

Monique in a large chamber in the Salt Mine.

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