South of the river is the suburb of Podgorze, an area that is being rejuvinated. This is where the majority of the local Jewish people were forced to live in the Ghetto in the Second World War. There is little to see of the Ghetto now, in fact we spent ages looking for remnants of the wall but even to this day I am not sure if we found it.

The large, modern Ghetto Heroes’ Square has sculptures of chairs which represent the furniture left in the street by the residents of the Ghetto when they were forced to go to Aushwitz or other camps in 1943.

If you are walking from Kazimierz you may well cross the River Wisla on the Bernatek Footbridge which was built in 2010. The railings of the bridge were adorned with padlocks inscribed with the names of loving couples who then throw the keys into the river. [aaah.. soooo cute !]

Oskar Schindler’s Factory

The place where Schindler employed local Jewish people and saved over 1000 of them during the Second World War is now the Museum of Krakow under Nazi Occupation. Next door is The Museum of Contemporary Art.

Many of the exhibits and imagery were disturbing as one might expect.

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