The drive East to Methana from Nafplio is slow. It takes longer to get there than one might expect so it is a good idea to pack a lunch with plenty of drinks and take your time.

Methana is nearly an island but it is joined to the mainland of The Pelponnese by a thin peninsular of land. We went there to climb the volcano which we did! Be warned that the so called ‘path’ up the volcano is precipitous and narrow at times. It’s not a long walk/climb but there is not much shade so take snacks and plenty of water and follow the signs painted on to the rocks and marvel at the views.

There is plenty of evidence of volcanic activity on the peninsular and lovely views to be seen. Methana town itself on the waterfront is a pleasant place to have a rest, there is also a tower to explore but we could not find it! The nearby village of Kaimeni Hora, near the volcano is worth a wander. My photos have gone missing sadly.

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