I first read about Epidavros in John Humphreys’ book – Blue Skies and Black Olives. The size and scale of the theatre is staggering. and it can accommodate around 14,000 people!

Productions are still held in the theatre to this day and the acoustics are superb. The Athens and Epidavros Festival occurs every summer and you can view their programme and book online here. There is also a museum, the ruins of a bathhouse, a tholos tomb, temple, gymnasium and a stadium at the site.

The stadium

Archea Epidavros

Archea Epidavros is a village not far away which has its own small theatre – The Theatre of Dionysus which was fenced off when we visited.

Continue to the coast and, if you are lucky enough to find a space to park, you can swim over ruins on the sea bed which are clearly visible – watch out for the sea urchins and geese!

Here is my laughable attempt at being Jacques Cousteau using my mobile ‘phone:

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