Heading South after Vathia the peninsular narrows and you can see the sea on both sides, the Messinian Gulf to the west and the Laconian Gulf to the east which is pretty amazing. Cape Tenaro is the furthest South you can go on the Greek mainland, there are a couple of villages in the vicinity where you can eat and stay overnight that seem to cater mainly for the yachting community. Porto Kagio and Mamari are the best options but they are rather overpriced.

It seemed to take us an age to get to the Cape. I was keen to find the entrance to Hades that I had read about. After much scurrying we found it on the left of the car park hidden under bushes on a small shingly bay. It was slightly underwhelming as it was quite a small cave and smelt of shit and piss, [which is probably appropriate] and not of the goat variety. No sign of a deep hole heading towards hell which was disappointing.

There are some lovely hillside walks from the Cape around isolated coves and some remains of a temple to explore but we ran out of time and had to head back north. So that will have to be reserved for our next visit.

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