Levidi Platea

Levidi is a delightful small mountain town with a large platea with wonderful views over the plain below. , There are several tavernas, bakeries and supermarkets dotted around the square and on the side roads. So it’s the perfect place to grab a snack or stop for a well earned break.

Ruins of Orchormenos

Ten minutes north eastish of Levidi are the ruins of Orchormenos. By the 7th Century BC it was a thriving city but there is little evidence of that now. However the setting is superb and the remains of the 4th century BC theatre which could hold 4000 people is absolutely wonderful with the mountains as a backdrop.

Kapsia Cave

Cave entrance-Not open -Gah!

Kapsia Cave is only a few minutes drive south of Levidi. We had a great time waiting for someone [not] to turn up and open the cave for us. Their website clearly stated that it was open to visitors. Leashia flew off an email to them and received a reply two weeks later. We now have freebies for next year as an apology ! At least the [closed] taverna was a pleasant place to sit and wait.

Agia Foteini

We stopped off at this peculiar looking church on our way from Levidi to Nafplio. It is situated is in the Mantinea Valley near Tripoli. It looks Byzantineish but was in fact completed in 1973. The bonkers design by Kostas Papatheodorou did divide opinion but the church is now something of a tourist attraction.

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