Nestor’s Palace

Newly restored with most of the ruins under a huge steel structure. You do need a bit of an imagination here as the remains lack height and at first glance do not impress. The information boards are helpful in bringing the site to life. When we visited we took a picnic with us – spread out a blanket under an olive tree by the Tholos tomb and had lunch. There was no cafe there when we visited in 2018.

The restored Tholos tomb by the car park is impressive with free entry and you can walk right in.

After visiting the tomb and palace it makes sense to go on to Hora, a few minutes drive away, to visit the small museum. It has some impressive artifacts including Linear B tablets from the Palace and vicinity. You can then head off to nearby Voidokilia Beach or head for Polilimnio for a completely different experience.

North of Nestor’s Palace:

Follow the road a few miles north for a few and it becomes somewhat surreal – an abandoned princess palace and an Eiffel Tower ! There are no words…

ER ..!

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