Here are all of my Spotify playlists on one handy page. I do revisit and update them as I discover more musical gems.

Gruntie’s Top 30

I amend this playlist every few months. A compilation of new stuff and old stuff that I am currently listening to.

Gruntie’s Iceland inspired Playlist

For more info on Icelandic music click HERE.

Gruntie’s Norway inspired Playlist

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Gruntie’s Denmark inspired Playlist

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Gruntie’s Sweden inspired Playlist

For more info on Swedish music click HERE.

Gruntie’s Bestest B sides.

I wanted to create a Spotify playlist of my favritist B sides, but Spotify is rubbish and did not have all of the songs so the playlist below is not complete. I have included links to the songs on Youtube that are not on Spotify at the bottom.

In order to qualify for this playlist I have to own the 7″ single in question, so if I don’t have the record it’s not allowed in this playlist!


  • Pssyche by Killing Joke. B side of Wardance. 1980. I love the energy of this song.
  • Play with fire by The Rolling Stones. B side of The last time. 1965.
  • I don’t want to be your shadow by The Psychedelic Furs. B side of Danger. 1982. The ‘Furs at their peak.
  • I bet you look good on the dancefloor by Xylaroo. B side of Sunshine. 2016. Possibly the most uplifting cover ever.
  • The other side by French for Rabbits. B side of Goat. 2014. New Zealand band who are very underrated methinks.
  • It’s obvious by The Au Pairs. B side of Diet. 1980. A different version to the one on their debut album.
  • I’m beautiful now by Girls at our Best. B side of Go for gold. 1981. Every B side by GAOB are great!
  • Lipstick by Buzzcocks. B side of Promises. 1978. [Yes I know Buzzcocks don’t have B sides as such, their earlier singles are listed as having side A and side 1]. As good as Shot by both sides in my opinion, well nearly.
  • You and your sister by Chris Bell. B side of I am the cosmos. 1978. You may know the version by This Mortal Coil. This is the original.
  • Practice makes perfect by Wire. B side of Outdoor Miner. 1979, and it’s on white vinyl!
  • Ice Machine by Depeche Mode. The B side of their debut single-Dreaming of me. 1981.
  • Nasty by The Damned. The B side of Thanks for the night. 1984. Remember The Young Ones?

And the tracks that are not on Spotify:

Mad drums by The Delgados. B side of All you need is hate. 2003. Yes the drums are a bit bonkers, but Emma’s voice is sublime.

Author! Author! by Scars. B side of All about you. 1981. Weird but rather wonderful.

Who Cares? by Altered Images. B side of A day’s wait. 1980. This track is not on their debut album. You have to love Clare!


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