There are some wonderful museums in Riga- we visited the museums that are mentioned below but wished we could have visited a few more.

KGB Building [Stura Maja]

This imposing building, certainly from the outside, does not even hint at the atrocities that took place within its walls. Thousands of Latvians were tortured and killed within by the KGB. It was a sobering and disturbing visit. Book a time slot and guide in advance.

Our guide was passionate, well informed and clearly hated the Soviets for what they had done to his people. The tour shows where prisoners were interned, tortured and executed as well as their so called exercise yard.

Jews in Latvia Museum

This small museum, situated in an old theatre, has exhibits in three halls covering the history of the latvian Jewish community from the 16th Century through the Holocaust to the modern day.

Museum of Occupation of Latvia

This museum was well laid out and highlighted the depressing story of Latvian occupation. It is a sad and harrowing tale of 20th Century occupation and subversion by the Soviets followed by Nazi occupation before returning again to Soviet occupation.

Art Nouveau Museum

This museum is located in a private house that once belonged to the Latvian architect Konstatins Perksens. The rooms are beautifully decorated and furnished in the Art Nouveau style.

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