Itylo Bay

Just north of Areopoli is the magnificent Itylo Bay. The road sweeps around the whole bay and the views are stunning.


The large sandy beach at the head of Itylo Bay is rather exposed so the best place to swim is at the southern end of the bay at the picturesque village of Limeni. It’s a popular spot and can get busy, especially on a weekend. There are numerous cafes here if you are feeling peckish.

If you are lucky you may spot a sea turtle, I nearly bumped into one on my last visit! [steer clear, they can bite].

You enter the sea via a choice of steps but it’s shallow and sandy so it’s perfect for kids, [apart from the risk of a turtle bite].

Dekoulou Monastery

Signposted on the northern stretch of the main road that sweeps past the bay is Dekoulou Monastery. The sign is easy to miss. The slip road to the monastery is a bit narrow at times but I have luckily never had to contend with any traffic coming the other way.

The 18th Century monastery possibly started out life as a convent. It is known for its beautiful frescos which cover much of the inside of the church. We tried three times over three years to gain entry to the monastery, but on each occasion the key holder next door was out. But I’m glad we persevered as finally on our third attempt- success!

The zodiac on the ceiling.

The view from the monastery is wonderful. You can see Kefela Castle on the hill inland and there are stunning views of the bay.

Kefela Castle

This 17th Century Castle which was built by the Ottomans has amazing views of Limeni Bay. You can actually walk along some of the huge walls although its rather precarious at times. The inside of the castle is somewhat overgrown and very spidery and an ideal haunt for snakes, so we did not venture there.

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