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LOW- Hey What [Sub Pop]

The new record by LOW is not quite as scary as their previous offering which sounded like the backing track was created by a steam engine going through a mangle. But it’s still a challenging but a rewarding listen. What makes the concept work is the strength of the tunes that hold the whole thing together- just. Best played loud and alone, in the dark .

Gruntie’s favrit track- I can wait.


Belly- Bees [Run Out Groove Records]

I ordered this double LP back in June 2020 and it sold out the same day! It finally arrived this month after many delays. It’s a limited numbered pressing on yummy yellow and pink vinyl. 4AD have released a gold coloured vinyl version- but this one looks so much sexier! It’s stuffed full of B sides, extra tracks and covers from their singles and EP’s. There are no fillers so it’s hard to choose my favrit but I love their cover of the Flying Burrito Brothers classic.

Gruntie’s favrit track – Hot Burrito #1

JULY 2021

Eliza Shaddad- The Woman you Want [Rosemundy Records]

Eliza’s second album [I never use the word sophomore] is rather wonderful and displays a maturing of sound and song when compared to her first. Her vocals sound wonderful too. My copy is pressed on a rather scrummy transparent coke bottle green.

Gruntie’s favrit track- Now you’re Alone.

JUNE 2021

Wolf AliceBlue Weekend [Dirty Hit]

The third album by Wolf Alice [Wolf Phallus- geddit?] is their most accomplished to date. The record is available in loads of various colours, mine is a deep transparent green. The album actually made it to number one in the British album charts, not that I can take the charts seriously when streaming is included along with physical sales, but it’s still a great achievement and great record.

Gruntie’s favrit track- Delicious things.

MAY 2021

Frøkedal & FamilienFlora [Fugleben Records]

Norwegan singer/ songwriter Anne Lise Frøkedal has released several solo albums to date as well as albums with I was a King and Harry’s Gym. Every album is a gem and this one is no exception. It’s not the prettiest record to look at, but it is made from recycled vinyl and whenever you mix random colours it always looks like mud or poo, or pooey mud..

Gruntie’s favrit track- Treasure.

April 2021

Lael Neale – Acquainted With Night [Sub Pop]

This one nearly passed me by as it was released in February this year. Recorded on a cassette based 4 track [YAY!] with heavy use of one of my favritist electronic instruments- an Omnichord[DOUBLE YAY!]. Embrace the hiss.

Gruntie’s favrit track- Every star shivers in the dark.

March 2021

Stereolab – Electrically Possessed, Switched On Vol.4 [Duophonic UHF Disks]

Volume 4 of Stereolab’s Switched On compilations is a limited edition numbered triple vinyl affair. It’s a heavy pressing in a rather sexy black with an orange splodge- nice! Compiling tour singles, a few unreleased tracks and the whole of the mini album The First of the Microbe Hunters. It was technically released at the end of Feb, but mine arrived at the beginning of March. 

Gruntie’s favrit track- Dimension M2.

February 2021

Grandaddy – The Sophtware Slump…..on a wooden piano [Dangerbird Records]

I can’t believe that the original The Sophtware Slump album is 20 years old! It is one of my favritist albums ever. This stripped down version released to coincide [or celebrate] the 20th anniversary of the original works a real treat. The songs are all so strong that they stand up on their own with a minimum of overdubbery. This tri- colour vinyl pressing is so beautiful it sounds great just looking at it! 

Gruntie’s favrit track- So you’ll aim toward the sky.

January 2021

Goat Girl – On All Fours [Rough Trade Records]

I loved the first album by Goat Girl and I have been looking foward to this record for some time. This album is more crafted and polished than their previous effort and does lack the spikey charm and wit of their first effort but has warranted repeated listenings. I have the rather lovely double transparent pink vinyl version with signed print of the front cover. 

Gruntie’s favrit track- badibaba [I love the wig out at the end].