25th October 2021

The new rules for returning to England have landed! YAY- so that means we only have to order [and pay for] the cheaper Lateral Flow Test on our return to England from Iceland next week. Tests are still cost around 20 quid but it’s a lot cheaper than the PCR tests. More info can be found here-

Here is a link to the GOV website with the current advice and links to approved test providers-

7th October 2021

Travel Update

The Magnificent Seven (1960) - IMDb

Well, the new travel rules have been implemented and the red list has been drastically reduced to just 7!

The government have also said that they are hoping they will be able to replace the expensive PCR test that currently needs to be taken on day two of returning to England with the cheaper Lateral Flow test by the autumn half term which will be very welcome with our trip to Reykjavik at the end of October.

Click HERE for more info regarding the new travel rules.

When Iceland Airwaves was cancelled [again], I shuffled our dates to Iceland which was not too problematic, only to find out that when I went to check in online, my return flight from Keflavik had been cancelled [thanks Easyjet!]. So now we have to fly out from Gatwick and return to Luton- GAH! The Icelandic Governement are reviewing their entry rules every couple of weeks so I am hopeful for something postive happening here too. Time will tell.

29th September 2021

NEW RECIPES! I have just added a Artichokey and Spinach Paella recipe to my Vegan and Veggie section which worked out rather well. There are also new[ish] recipes for – a vegan stew, artichokey pasta and lots more.

I also have a new Autumn Playlist which I think deserves a listen. Click HERE and it will take you to my playlist page.

17th September 2021

Well the rumours [leaks] are true- From October 4th we will no longer be required to take two tests in order to return to England from a foreign country- as long as that country is not on the red list. The Amber and Green lists have been merged and is now called ‘Rest of World’, which is really a Green list in my mind. This is great news with our impending trip to Iceland at the end of October. For more information click HERE.

15th September 2021


Yes, I know i’ve been rather quiet for a couple of weeks. It took a few days to recover from the wonderful End of the Road Festival. Then I got into a sulk when I heard that Iceland Airwaves had been cancelled- again! …GAH !

The good news is that we have decided to still go to Iceland at the end of October [YAY!], but for a shorter stay [BOO!]. We will stay in Reykjavik for a few nights before heading to Vik for a couple of nights. We are hiring a car and we hope to see the volcano, Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon, DC-3 plane wreck and more. I will of course post piccies and info to my website as soon as I can.

Sorting out fit to fly covid tests has been a pain in the bum! It’s hard to get an antigen test locally [which is accepted by Iceland] for under £50. I am hoping that when our lovely Government meet on October 1st they will decide to remove the need for further tests in order to re-enter England, we will see….

New stuff on my website-

MUSIC – I have added all the artists that I managed to see from End of the Road Festival to my gig page- click HERE to have a look- [there are piccies too, including a link to even more piccies on my Pinterest site..

GIGS- I have LOADS of gigs coming up [Pom Poko, Goat Girl, AA Williams, Roxanne de Bastion, AK/DK, Eivør and more] and will add them [with photos] to my Gig page ASAP.

Don’t forget to take a peek at my latest Coloured Vinyl Record of the Month and new playlists. Click HERE and you will be whisked off to my Music Blog Homepage.

NEW RECIPES- I have added a couple more fishy recipes to my recipe section including a rather tasty Paella- click HERE to have a look.

1st September 2021


YAY! off to End of the Road Festival tomorrow. I’m sad that Alice Boman has had to pull out but there is still plenty of great stuff on offer. I have an End of the Road Spotify Playlist on my PLAYLIST PAGE.

I will post daily updates and piccies on my Gruntie’s Travels Facebook page.

29th August 2021

The Government have announced changes that will come into force on August 30th.


Sofia- Bulgaria, Copenhagen- Denmark, Helsinki-Finland, Iceland, Riga- Latvia and Norway are all GREEN.

Greece, Tallinn-Estonia, Budapest- Hungary, Krakow Poland and Kiev- Ukraine are all AMBER

There are no countries that I cover in Gruntie’s Travels currently in the RED List- phew!

For info about travelling, rules and regulations click here-

Click HERE and you will be whisked to my Gruntie’s Travels homepage with links to my City Breaks and Peloponnese pages.

20th August 2021

At last, the day splits for End of the road Festival has been announced! So that means I need to get my Clashfinder highlighted. The link for the Clashfinder is here-

2nd August 2021

FESTIVAL UPDATE- It’s wonderful news that Green Man Festival has been given the green light for this year and it’s sold out, [although I am not going this year]. It’s a great festival set in the beautiful Brecon Beacons in Wales where it never rains ! [haha].

I have three festivals to look forward to over the next 6 months-The sold out End of the Road Festival in September, Iceland Airwaves in November and Rockaway Beach, Bognor in January 2022. All three festivals have great lines ups- can’t wait!

Music – I have added a new page to my Music blog- GRUNTIE’S PLAYLISTS. All my playlists on one handy page. I have also chosen my latest colour vinyl record of the month.

2nd July 2021

Music– I have chosen my Coloured Vinyl Record of the Month for June, if you want to find out what it is, click HERE. I have also updated my playlist again and you can listen to by clicking on the Spotify link below–

Recipes- I have added my mumsy’s rather wonderful American Baked Cheesecake to my recipe section. I think you should really try it out, so click HERE to find out the recipe.

17th June 2021

If you like volcanoes I would suggest taking a peek HERE. I have added some amazing piccies and a video taken last month of the eruption at Geldingadalur Volcano in Iceland by my friend Laura.

7th June 2021

Well it’s looking rather bleak regarding travel this summer. Portugal is off the Green list and Greece remains Amber. Iceland is still Green- keeping fingers crossed!

At least Summer has hinted at arriving in England so my barbie is being well used. I have added more Fishy Recipes and dips to my Greek Recipe Section which are perfect for al fresco dining. Click HERE to see the recipes. [Link opens in a new tab].

I have also attended my first gig of the year- YAY! Click HERE to find out what the gig was! [Opens in a new tab].

20th May 2021

So The traffic light system it is. WE CAN legally travel- YAY! But we are not advised to travel to Amber or Red countries unless we really have to – mmm, not so yay after all.

Photos] When Was the First Traffic Light Installed? - The News Wheel

The only country that I cover on my website that is currently on the GREEN list is Iceland. So I am hopeful all we be ok for Iceland Airwaves in November this year.

Countries covered in my website that are currently on the AMBER list are- Bulgaria, Denmark, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Russia and Ukraine.

The list is reviewed every 3 weeks. The saga continues……

10th May 2021


Well the list has been published and takes effect in England from May 17th. Hardly any countries in the Green list- Iceland being the only country that I cover from my website. I am surprised that Greece are not there. Small steps…

For the official Gov info click HERE. [Opens in a new tab]

4th May 2021


A new month and new hope regarding travel in Europe ? Time will tell and there is an announcement from the UK Government coming soon. You can read a BBC article HERE. [opens in a new tab].


A new month for Grunty means a new Top 20 Playlist and a new Colour Vinyl record of the month. I have been adding to, and hopefully improving my website. The menus are now neater and I have more substance to my Music pages. Click HERE if you want to take a look at my Music Blog. I am still hopeful that the End of the Road Festival in September and Iceland Airwaves in November will go ahead, keeping my fingers crossed.

28th April 2021

My website has had over 50,000 views! I am really chuffed, especially bearing in mind that I set up Gruntie’s Travels just before travel became impossible because of the pandemic. Expanding my website to include Greek Recipes and Non Greek Recipes has been getting plenty of interest. and my new Music Section is picking up pace, so that’s great news too. Let’s hope that travel can recommence soon, I am desperate to revisit [and write about] The Peloponnese and Iceland this year.

Thanks for all of your support. Grunty

15th April 2021

Gruntie’s Music update-

The last few weeks I have been busy focusing on finishing off my music pages. I have now completed sections on Music from -Iceland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden. I have created a Gruntie’s gig archive too and also a Coloured Vinyl Record of the Month, because music sounds better in colour! If you want to find out more click HERE.

Gruntie’s Travels update Well, not too much news here as we wait and see how things go with the pandemic and the possibility of covid passorts. I still have trips to The Peloponnese planned for the late summer and Reykjavik for Iceland Airwaves in November. Flights and accomodation are all booked, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Gruntie’s Recipes update– I can’t travel, but I can cook! I have been adding recipes to my Recipe Pages. Meaty and Fishy recipes, bread recipes, Veggie and Vegan options too, and a few deserts.

18th March 2021

Gruntie’s Travels update-

I have added a new page to my Peloponnese site- Gruntie’s favrit castles. A selection of 14 of my favritist castles in The Peloponnese.

Gruntie’s Music update-

I have updatified my Top 20 Playlist and here it is:

3rd March 2021

Gruntie’s Travels updates:

I’ve moved our next trip to The Peloponnese from June 2021 to August 2021 just to give the pandemic a bit longer to settle down. I have also bitten the bullet and booked return flights to Reykjavik for Iceland Airwaves which is more of a gamble.. time will tell!

Gruntie’s music updates:

I have chosen my Coloured Vinyl Record of the month !– If you want to know what it is click HERE, [opens in a new tab].

I have now completed a page on my website dedicated to Music from Denmark. I have created a Spotify playlist too, so click HERE if you want to be whisked away to some musical Danish delights.[opens in a new tab].

24th February 2021


The earliest that we can go on a holiday in England this year will be the 12th April and for holidays abroad from England it will be 17th May AT THE EARLIEST. It all depends whether set conditions are met. More info in this BBC article- [click on the photo and the article will open in a new tab].

Olympic holidays are allowing you to move your holiday with no penalty if your holiday is before 30th June 2021.

Woman sitting in a deckchair looking at her phone

24th February 2021

Gruntie’s Top 20 Playlist

If you are fed up being locked down, you may consider listening to my new Spotify playist. to alleviate the boredom- an hour and a half of great music methinks! PLAY LOUD

17th February 2021


The lockdown does not appear to have an end in sight. So I have decided to create a Gruntie’s Music Blog which will cover my passion for music with an initial focus on music from Iceland and Norway. There will also be a page covering my chosen coloured vinyl album of the month. Finally, I have archived all of the gigs from my gig books for posterity [which was a huge undertaking] with some piccies where possible. So If you want to read my music blog click HERE. There are also links at the very bottom of this page.

25th January 2021

I have completed my sections on Naples, Herculaneum and Pompeii. so click on their names and you will be whisked straight there – sort of!

12th January 2021

The tier 5 lockdown has meant that I have continued to focus on cooking. My Meaty Mains section was getting a bit full, so I now also have a Spicy and Meaty Mains section where I have curry’s and other spicy delights. I have also decided to add a new section to my City BreaksNaples [Napoli] which I visited a few years ago. There will be sections on Pompeii and Herculaneum too. Work is in progress but should be completed in a week or so. Here are some piccies to whet your appetite-

3rd January 2021

A belated Happy New Year to you

I decided to take the plunge and today I booked accommodation in Reykjavik for Iceland Airwaves 2021. I used Airbnb and chose a lovely place in the city centre that offers free cancellation just in case the Covid situation is still causing havoc. I’ve also booked two nights accommodation before the festival in Vik through which is on the south eastern coast as I want to go to Jokulsarlon and explore the area. I have not booked flights yet or car hire, I’m going to wait a little bit longer before taking the plunge with those! I miss Reykjavik, just over 2 years ago we were there for New Years Eve which was wonderful.

I’m in the process of adding new recipes to my recipe sections which has kept me busy- Veggie nut roast, pan fried scallops, Norwegian inspired baked cod, smoked mackerel pate and more. Click HERE if you want to take a peek.

24th December 2020


How different fandoms celebrate the Christmas holiday | Hypable

After a really challenging year, it’s going to be a weird and challenging Christmas. We are about to enter a Tier 4 lockdown where I live but I have still been cooking and writing up my recipes.

LIVER –Love them or hate them [I love them, if done well]. I have added recipes for chicken liver pate which makes for a perfect starter as well as a rather tasty recipe for fried liver.

I’m doing a nut roast over Christmas and a smoked mackerel pate so I will adding these recipes ASAP.

Stay safe, eat food, drink wine, play records, watch telly. xxx

18th December 2020

Well it took some time to compile but I have made a Gruntie’s Top 21 places to see in The Peloponnese. Here is a slideshow to whet your appetite. Click HERE for more info.

I have also compiled a list of my Top 10 things to see in The Mani. Click HERE if you want to find out more.

26th November 2020


I have just uploaded 3 dessert recipes to this site- Leashia’s Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake, Leashia’s Banoffee Pie and Mumsy’s Syrup Steamed Sponge Pudding. All are delicious methinks, check them out here-

13th November 2020

Gah! Another bloody lockdown. But the good news is that I have been cooking LOADS. I’ve been feeling a bit meaty! New recipes include – Duck in a red wine and orange sauce, Chicken in a beetroot sauce, spicy smokey pork and beef chilli and a couple of curries. Check them out HERE.

29th September 2020

I have been concentrating on building my new recipe pages! This time- Non Greek Recipes. There are meaty, fishy and veggie sections. Take a peek!

18th September 2020

I’m writing this on my phone in the Peloponnese. Over the last week we have visited some amazing places- Viros Gorge near Kardamyli, Moni Nestani, Dervanakia as well as revisiting Nafplio, the Taygetos mountains near Stoupa and lots more! So plenty to add to this site when I return. In the meantime here are some piccies-

9th September 2020

Today I launched my Gruntie’s Travels Facebook Blog Page. It will be more ‘bloggy’ than my website and have lots of piccies and updates on travel to places that I like as well as Greek recipes and Icelandic and Norwegian music. In other words- all the things I like bestest. You should be able to find it using the Facebook search feature.

7th September 2020

5 sleeps until we head back to the Peloponnese. The government have added 7 Greek islands to the quarantine list but not the Peloponnese- phew!

26th August 2020

Well it was inevitable I suppose but Iceland Airwaves has been postponed until 2021. Full story here- but still…. BUGGER

On another note- our trip to Plovdiv [which I had already moved from March 2020 to September 2020] currently means we have to self isolate for 14 days on our return to the UK. Well that’s no good, so that trip is abandoned for now and we are revisiting Stoupa again instead! Return flights from Gatwick to Kalamata are currently only around £65.

As our flight departs so early in the morning we are going to stay at Premier Inn Gatwick North on the night before. It is right by the terminal and is only £31 for the night- a bargain methinks.

18th August 2020

Well, I have been back in England for a week now after a couple of wonderful weeks in the Peloponnese. I have been busy updating this website. There are new entries and photos relating to Sparta and surrounding area, Stoupa, Areopoli, Kalamata and surrounding area, Itylo Bay, Sparta and Kardamyli. Still not finished but in the meantime -take a peek…

12th August 2020

Chaos in Kalamata Airport ! – Well it was not that bad- but it was certainly poorly organised and worse than usual. The reason? Poor scheduling it seems with 3 flights departing within a few hours of each other and the small airport just can’t cope. We flew home yesterday on the Easyjet noon flght. Back in England now in the sweltering heat looking forward to updating my website with some amazing photos and info on more wonderful places that we visited in the Peloponnese. Highlights include several ancient sites on the outskirts of Sparta, the Langada Pass, Kapetanakis castle in the Mani, the Dekoulou Monastery near Areopoli and the Voulcanou Monasteries near Ancient Messene. Here are a few piccies:

4th August 2020

I have just noticed that my blog piece about completing the PLF for Greece has disappeared! I suspect I deleted it by accident when editing on my phone. But as a reminder – one form per family needs to be completed and submitted but I prefer to complete one for myself and my wife does one too. A link to the form and some advice can be found here-

Dont bother downloading the Visit Greece app. It’s awful.

2nd August 2020

Today Leashia and I visited some amazing sights in Messinia. The Mycenaean Necropolis near Kalamata was wonderful but did involve a bit of scrambling to get to the tombs. We had a picnic by the Northern Walls of Ancient Messene before an exhilarating but exhausting part drive part trek to the Old Voulcanou Monastery. Plenty to add to my website on our return. Here is a sneak preview in photos-

28th July 2020

Well We made it to Kalamata without a problem. Our PLF code was emailed to us as promised on time which we needed to show at Gatwick and at Kalamata airport. Gatwick airport was eerie, especially before security where nothing was open. Thankfully after security Wetherspoons was open for business and so was Pret, so we could buy food for the flight. We had to wear face masks of course which is not comfortable but it had to be done. The flight seemed full which was a surprise. Our experience at Kalamata airport was fine too and we were not selected for a Covid check although I am aware some people were. Stoupa was as delightful as ever- everywhere seems to be open, although it is definitely a bit quieter. I’m glad to be back.

27th July 2020

It appears that us Brits have to complete a PLF before returning to the UK from our holiday. This was news to me!

The link to the form is here-

And a link to some Gov advice on returning to the UK-

1st July 2020

Well, it was inevitable I suppose but our Peloponnese trip has been cancelled, but still- BUGGERY BUGGER! I have had to cancel our reservations in Areopoli and Nafplio as well as the car hire. If an air corridor is in place between UK and Greece by the end of July we may be able to go then, but we will see. In the meatime I am going to focus on new Greek recipes.

5th June 2020

The best place to survive a zombie apocalypse

COVID UPDATE- Well the apocalypse is dragging on, and no sign of any zombies [yet], or of any holidays on the horizon. [But I am well prepared and have the Walking Dead Cookbook and Survival Guide close to hand].

So with under 6 weeks to go before our scheduled trip to The Peloponnese it’s just a waiting game to find out what is going to happen. The UK government  are still saying no to non essential travel and anyone entering the UK will need to self isolate for two weeks which will scupper any holiday plans methinks and the travel industry are going to find it difficult to survive given these extreme [but obviously necessary] restrictions.

Given the lack of travel opportunities I decided to add a new section to my  Peloponnese guide and have added some of my favourite Greek recipes! So now you can bring a little bit of Greece to your own home. Click the link and it will take you there-

14th May 2020

New study of COVID-19 patient's immune response could inform ...

COVID UPDATE – I hate not knowing what’s happening.  With 3 trips planned this year : Peloponnese in July, Bulgaria in September and Iceland in November, all the uncertainty is killing me ! [luckily not literally]. The Bulgaria trip was originally planned for March.  Greece and Iceland are planning to open their borders for toursim soon, so there is some hope. The problem may be having to go into isolation for two weeks on returning to England.

Another BBC article here-

14th April 2020

The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is on fire and radiation levels are ...
(Image: © YAROSLAV EMELIANENKO/AFP via Getty Images)

I have been following the serious fires raging near Chernobyl for some time on social media, as it was not being reported over here in England. It’s already destroyed [again] several abandoned buildings and houses and is not far from the main plant and radiation levels have spiked.  I was there only 2 years ago.

Today the BBC have posted this interesting article:

11th April 2020

Athens & Epidaurus Festival - Home | Facebook

The Athens and Epidavros Festival have provisionally announced their line up for 2020, although due to the pandemic it is subject to change. So I can now go ahead and book accomodation in Nafplio to coincide with this as we want to see a performance at the ancient theatre at Epidavros. Let’s hope the holiday [and festival] goes ahead! Click on the following link for full details of the line up :

28th March 2020

Well, no surprise, but I cancelled our trip to Bulgaria and have optimistically rebooked for September. I hope things are back to normal by then, but we will see. I tried to take advantage of Easyjet’s free flight transfer option,  it worked for one flight, but not the other!

As I am stuck at home I found the time to add a new page- Further reading and inspiration to my Reykjavik section where I cover some of my favourite books and movies about Iceland.

13th March 2020

Image result for bulgaria state of emergency

Bulgaria have declared a state of emergency. So that may mean that restaurants and museums will be closed. So our trip to Sofia and Plovdiv now looks unlikely, unless we want to sit in a hotel and look at the walls! BUGGER ! Easyjet have not cancelled our flights yet and there are no statement from our Government yet but I have signed up for updates.

13th March 2020

Interesting announcement from Easyjet. They are offering free flight transfer until further notice if you don’t want to travel. I’m still sticking with my flight to Sofia next week until I have no other choice.

5th March 2020

Image result for flight cancelled

Well, there is a first time for everything. Yesterday Easyjet emailed informing us that our return flight from Sofia to Gatwick had been cancelled, BUGGER! That’s about 3 weeks’ notice, so I had time to sort it out. I have never had this happen to me before. At least the flight to Sofia is ok [at the moment].

Our original plan was to have 4 nights in Plovdiv. We were going via Sofia, staying there a night before getting a coach to Plovdiv for a 4 night stay.

So I considered the options and decided to extend our forthcoming stay in Plovdiv by an extra night and this was simple to ammend on The new flight cost no extra and was also simple to rebook on the Easyjet website. I also had to cancel our coach to Sofia and rebook another, which again was not complicated. I tried to ammend and extend our parking at Gatwick online but managed to balls this up and had to call them, but they were very helpful and an extra 24 hours airport parking at Gatwick was only £4. An extra night at our hotel in Plovdiv was about £38 [inc breakfast] and the rebooked coach from Plovdiv to Sofia was actually a bit cheaper than the original one and I am getting a refund for the original cancelled booking.

So all in all it was a bit of a pain in the arse, but as it stands it is all sorted and we have an extra night in Plovdiv. [shame]

I do not know the reason for the cancellation- the affects of coronavirus on the travel industry maybe? But as it stands we are still going to Plovdiv [via Sofia] and I have no intention of cancelling until our government tells us otherwise. The government’s current stance regarding the virus and travel is here:

The other bit of news today was the demise of Flybe, an airline I have never used but it’s still a sad day for their staff and customers.

14th Feb 2020

Happy Valentines Day ! Yesterday Iceland Airwaves announced their first acts for the festival – including Metronomy, Squid, Courtney Barnett, Sin Fang and loads more Icelandic bands I have never heard of [but will find out] ! I hope Sóley plays !!!!

28th Jan 2020

Yay! I have finished my blog on Copenhagen. It seemed to take forever!

2nd Jan 2020

Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen.

HAPPY NEW YEAR !! This year I have Plovdiv, The Peloponnese and Reykjavik to look forward to [and write about]. I have also decided that I will add Copenhagen to this site, so that will keep me busy over the next week or two.

4th Dec 2019

I have finished adding photos to my Pinterest site. Just added photos of my Hurtigruten voyage from Bergen to Tromso in winter. [It was chilly].

4th Dec 2019

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is caa.png

Yay! Our Thomas Cook refund has finally arrived!

25th Nov 2019

I have started to research about ways to offset carbon from my travels. It’s fair to say it’s a bit complicated. There are many articles about it on the web. I started with this one from the Beeb which is an interesting read.

21st Nov 2019

Image result for ryanair

Ooh, an interesting article about Ryanair’s baggage policy. I am no fan of the company and try to avoid flying with them if I can. This ruling may encourage them to be more fair.

10th Nov 2019

Image result for iceland airwaves 2020

ICELAND AIRWAVES 2020. Very limited Super Early Bird tickets are released today for next year’s Airwaves Festival which is on November 4th – 7th. They are a bargain at £80 and will sell out quickly so snap one up ASAP.

21st Oct 2019

Still no refund for our Thomas Cook holiday, so I rang the CAA and put in a claim over the phone. They were actually very helpful. I was told that Thomas Cook had not given all the information to the CAA about holiday bookings and that is why many people have not received a refund. I also completed an on line form, just in case. The CAA helpline is –  0300 303 2800.

23rd Sept 2019

Thomas Cook is no more, a sad day. We had already booked our trip to The Peloponnese for 2020 with them and were paying by installments. We rebooked with Olympic online instead which was painless, but a little more expensive. We opted to travel on a saturday as the flights are with Easyjet. Flying on the sunday were Thomas Cook flights and we avoided that option for obvious reasons.

As we were paying by Direct Debit we should not need to make a claim. We should get a refund within 14 days. We will see. If you need more advice regarding Thomas Cook refunds, Money Saving Expert has everything you need to know.

4th Sept 2019

Image result for plovdiv
Plovdiv photo from Wikipedia.

Just booked flights to Sofia so we can visit Plovdiv in March 2020! YAY ! Return flights with Easyjet from Gatwick to Sofia only £50pp! So 5 nights accomodation in decent hotels [inc breakfast] including return flights a real bargain at £161.00 pp!! YAY AGAIN!

3 thoughts on “BLOG BLOG BLOG

  1. Sue Hadland says:

    Just found your blog via FB. It’s great, very informative. I will add you details to our small Airbnb (near Kalamata) information pack. I think guests will find it really useful.
    I am looking forward to reading about your upcoming trip to Plovdiv. We were there a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed. We were touring around Bulgaria and it was one of my favourites.


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