Kyparissi is an attractive village on a bay, squished between an impressive mountain and the Myrtoon Sea on the East Coast of Laconia. It’s near nowhere in particular and has just one long, slow and precipitous road in and out but it is worth the effort as the views are stunning. There are a couple of tavernas and places to stay. Kyparissi is a place where you should just do nothing at all except drink and eat and absorb the scenery around you. Oh OK – you can swim and walk if you want.

We were happy to rest, take in the view and have a cold drink at the taverna on the front. The tranquility was slightly spoiled by a large group of American tourists who took over the taverna and seemed obliged to shout at each other to be heard for some reason. There was a very large posh yacht anchored offshore. I think that was theirs. The posher your boat, the louder you have to be, it seems !

There are a couple of tiny chapels ‘hanging’ on the cliffs above Kyparissi. There are paths there if you want a steep and scary climb. Maybe next time for us.

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