Lyngen Alps

The Lyngen Alps are to the east of Tromso and offer climbing or hiking opportunities if you are that way inclined as well as Northern Lights excursions. We did not book a Northern Lights hunting trip as we were lucky enough to have seen them for free on our Hurtigruten voyage to Tromso from Bergen! We decided in advance to book the following two excursions and they were great fun but they did not come cheap. To see what excursions are available I would suggest using Tripadvisor.

Snowmobile Excursion in The Lyngen Alps

Pick-up by minibus was from near our hotel in the morning. We were driven out of the city into the countryside where we boarded a small ferry before being driven to our base on the edge of the mountains. We changed into padded boiler suits which looked ludicrous but were essential to stay warm.

We were given instructions on how to drive the surprisingly large snowmobiles which were comfortable with heated handlebars. Leashia and I had never been on a snowmobile before but they were not difficult to master although, that said, another couple did manage to roll theirs and were stuck underneath briefly until they were rescued. I could not stop laughing! It was absolutely wonderful and exhilerating driving through the mountains and valleys, one of our best experiences ever!

Husky Sledging at night

The husky sledging excursion was my birthday present from Leashia. We chose to go at night in the hope that we may see the Northern Lights as a bonus. This did not transpire as it was a cloudy night but it was fun to be pulled along by a team of doggies. I have to say that it was not very comfortable with snow flying in our faces but it could have been worse as it could well have been faeces in our faces! We had the lovely view of dogs bottoms bouncing in front of us, sometimes pooing as they ran ! Nice.

The trip included dinner in a traditional style wooden Sami hut called a Lavvu. We were served reindeer stew which was very pleasant [I am unsure of the vegetarian option]. We also got to see the huskies in their doggy village. The dogs were polite, but not cuddly, and seemed very happy despite not having any central heating.

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