Stoupa Beach at night after a storm.

There are three beaches in Stoupa:

Kalogria beach.

Bust of Nikos Kazantzakis – Author of Zorba the Greek above Kalogria Beach.

Kalogria Beach is in a bay on the right as you enter by the long road into Stoupa. Be warned – mountain springs bubble up at this beach and the sea can be freezing cold, then warm, then freezing again! In peak season this beach is very crowded and full of sunbeds and umbrellas. It’s like a Spartan army horde, ten deep, that you have to battle through to get to the sea! The sea is gently shelving and shallow so it is ideal for families.

Busy Kalogria

However all is not lost – if you follow the path that leads to the left [southern end] of the bay it will take you to some hidden little coves where it is more tranquil and Leashia and I prefer it there. Another way to these coves is via the path before you get to Panorama Restaurant above the bay.

The original Zorba [the Greek] used to live on the beach and he liked to plonk himself every morning in the bollock freezing freshwater rock pool which is on the right [northern] side of the bay. Dunking ones head in seemed to be what was expected so I gave it a go. My brain hurt!

Bloody freezing !

The three or four tavernas lining one side of the beach are all rather good. You can hire pedaloes on the left side of the beach and scoot around to the cave which is on the headland on the left as you head out to sea. [Don’t go in the cave if you are scared of bats as they flit and squeek around in the cave].

Cave near Kalogria.

Stoupa’s Main Beach

Stoupa Beach

This sandy beach is down the hill away from Kalogria. It is well served by bars, tavernas and shops and again there are plenty of sunbeds which you can rent or possibly use for free if you are buying food or drink from the taverna that owns them. There is some respite from the sunbeds to the south of the beach where boats, canoes and pedaloes can also be hired.

If you want a really quiet beach, continue south [with the main beach on your right] and you will find some steps near Gialos Restaurant that leads to the small Halikoura Beach.

Halikoura Beach

Delfini Beach

Our preferred beaches are just outside of town so you will need a car.

A five minute drive north of Stoupa towards Kardamyli, on a bend in the road, is Delfini Beach. It’s rather hidden from view but you know something is happening as there are cars parked up by the road. You can drive down a track to the beach but it’s easier to park at the top by the main road and walk down from there. The beach, which is in an attractive bay, is pebbly with some grey sand and there is a taverna there too. We always said hi to a friendly horse by the path on the way down, although sadly the horse did not seem too well on a recent visit and more worringly was not there on our last visit.

Foneos Beach

A little further North of Delfini Beach is Foneas Beach which is mostly pebbly – but of the smooth variety, not the sharp hurty stuff.

There is a large rock in the bay with a short tunnel that you can swim through, as well as rocks where the young and foolhardy leap from a great height. The sea does get deep rather quickly so it’s not so suited for toddlers. There is a taverna here next to the car park.

Foneos Beach.

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