Village sausage.

There is a large choice of quality restaurants to choose from in Stoupa and everybody seems to have their favourite. We tend to not go to the very popular big restaurants so much as the staff are not always able to be so attentive.


We generally order Greek house wine at each restaurant and it’s often pretty good, very dry and complements the food well.


We really love Elaia which is next to the Kastro hotel. They specialise in grilled and fried food which is excellent and the staff are so friendly. It’s easy to miss as it is not as large as some and the sign is also difficult to read as it looks like a scrawl to us English types. Their grilled calamari and grilled octopus is superb- so tender.

Oh, and the deserts are amazing too!

Kalogria Restaurant on the beach is also wonderful. The beach, which is normally packed during the day is the opposite at night and eating dinner at Kalogria is nice and peaceful, romantic even. The staff are very friendly, and the Kleftiko is amazing!

Other restaurants that we really like are Liastres at the northern end of Stoupa which has lovely views across the bay, and Dionysos which is tucked down a quiet side street off from the main beach.


If you fancy a picnic [or cakey], there are three bakeries in Stoupa; two on the main promenade and one close to the main road as you leave the town to the south. Katerina’s also has a bakery in store. So that makes four!

The bakery in the south of Stoupa.


If you just want a drinky there are plenty of options here too- Cafe Mango, Aktaion and Patrikos on the main bay are all good. The Enigma bar next to Liastres has the added bonus of wonderful views across the bay.

View from Enigma bar.

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