Ishavskatedralen at Night

Central Tromso is not large and you can walk to most places quite easily unless it’s snowy and icy, as in our case, which means slipping around from place to place. That said, the pavements on the main shopping streets were kept pretty clear. We did not have much time to explore but we did manage to visit a few museums and wander the streets.

Arctic Cathedral [Ishavskatedralen]

This modern Cathedral was completed in 1965 and its striking design is inspired by glaciers and the aurora. We walked over the bridge to get there and nearly froze on the way. The stained glass window covers the whole of the east end of the cathedral with the modern organ on the opposite side.

Despite the weather I thought it appropriate to buy an ice cream as fuel for the walk back over the bridge.


This pretty 19th century Cathedral is unique as it is the only one made of wood in Norway.

Perspektiv Museum

The Museum is housed in an attractive 19th century building displaying interesting photographic history of Tromso and there were also some thought provoking temporary exhibitions.

Art Museum of Northern Norway

Fishing boats in calm sea by Rolf Nesch

This museum was great with a range of sculptures, photographs and paintings from Northern Norway as well as temporary exhibits. I particularly liked the paintings: Fighting Polar Bears by Baird, Parisienne Model by Munch, Winter Reine in Lofoten by Sinding [see below] and Fishing Boats in Calm Sea by Nesch [above].

Tromso University Museum

We went by bus to the University as this museum is a bit out of the way. The focus here was on Sami life, ecological issues and early exploration. We needed longer really as the museum closed quite early which was a shame.

Statues and Monuments

The images below are of monuments to Richard With, the founder of Hurtigruten, the polar explorer Amundsen and an Arctic Hunter which depicts a whaler spearing a sea creature.

King Olav V [with a snowball] in Kingspark

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