Leashia and I arrived in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, by way of ferry from Helsinki across the Frozen Baltic Sea. It’s a journey I would recommend. We were really looking forward to experiencing the medieval walled town.

We walked through the snow from the port to our hotel which took about half an hour. We had booked the Rixwell Old Town Hotel which is part of a small hotel chain. Our first impressions were good as it looked quaint and we were greeted warmly by the receptionist. Our hotel was built into the original city wall which we liked too. However our room was tiny and squeezed into a corner, but we accepted this graciously. Breakfast was pleasant. I was prepared to give a mainly positive review on Tripadvisor, however when checking out we were presented with a bill for drinks from the mini- bar that we had not taken. To cut a long story short we were accused of lying and we left on a sour note and without paying the mini-bar bill. Suffice to say we won’t be going there again.

Ok, grump over- back to Tallinn. There is so much to see in The Old [lower] Town which is pretty much walled-in which separates it from the modern city outside. Toompea [Dome Hill] is just outside the wall and is where you can find wonderful views of the city below.

There are many places worth visiting in the modern city outside of these walls but we did not have the time and we focused on the Medieval Old Town which had plenty to offer. We had such a lovely time here we do intend to return as we missed some interesting places in the Old Town and we also want to explore further afield.

You can fly direct to Tallinn of course from the UK and the airport is just a short tram journey outside of the main city. We could not work out how to pay for the tram journey to the airport and so we got a free ride.

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