Serdica or Serdika was the ancient name for Sofia. In the centre of the city there are Roman remains seemingly all around and even beneath your feet.

Roman Ruins with the Mosque in the background.

There are the remains of residential buildings, shops and a main street. You can see some of the remains in the underpass leading to Serdica Metro station. More remains are protected by large domes near the Presidency building.

The Rotunda of Sveti Georgi which is set in the courtyard behind the Presidency has 2nd century Roman ruins behind it. The Serdica Boutique Hotel was built on the remains of a Roman Amphitheatre. You can still see the ruins through the window. The hotel was closed ‘due to global crisis’ when we visited in 2023.

It makes sense to visit the wonderful National Archaeology Museum which is nearby.

Early 14th century mosaic from the Basilica of St Sophia. [National Archeology Museum].

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