Meaty, beaty, big and bouncy! It really helps if you like to eat dead animals to fully appreciate the food on offer in Budapest.

Spinozaand Klezmer Concert

Spinoza offers a three course meal and Klezmer Concert in its hall behind on Fridays. The food was fine, although not exceptional, but the entertainment was the highlight.


We had a veritable feast in this interestingly decorated Hungarian restaurant. A bit more pricey than some but there were no complaints from us.


We chose Paprika as it was near City Park and the baths. A cheap, family friendly establishment that served basic Hungarian fare in rather large portions.


It was not easy to find a place in Budapest for a light lunch on a miserable wet Sunday but luckily Kisharang came to the rescue with its simple but tasty traditional Hungarian dishes.


Ooh, we loved it here. This intimate restaurant is near the Great Market and serves a lot of meat and game and has a large, excellent wine list. I would recommend booking in advance.

Szimpla Kert

Computor screens decorating a room at Szimpla Kert

Abslotely bonkers are the only words I can find to describe this vibrant and eccentric bar. Designed by a genius, or mad man [or woman], I am not sure. You must visit and decide for yourself. Possibly the perfect way to start and end your evening.

The Great Market [Nagycsarnok]

This large indoor market caters for locals and tourists and sells a wide range of food and Hungarian delicacies as well as clothes, fabrics and other goodies.

This is the place to get your Hungarian paprika at a great price or foie gras at not such a great price. It is a wonderful place to mooch and enjoy the sights and smells.

Budapest also has Tesco Express. They don’t accept the Tesco Clubcard though so no points – gah!


This cafe in a Communist era kiosk in City Park had such a good name we had to seek it out! It was closed of course as it was winter but laughing at the name was worth it.

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