Take Cash.

Credit and Debit cards are more widely accepted than they were a few years ago. On our first visit to The Peloponnese some petrol stations and supermarkets only accepted cash. Sometimes a powercut means that establishments cannot process credit cards so it’s prudent to have Euros as a back up. There are cash points in most small towns.

Get holiday insurance before you book your trip.

Many people put this off and only think of getting holiday insurance a day before they are due to travel. If something horrid happens and you have to cancel your holiday it’s too late !

Make an itinerary

I start my research months before we go away. Tripadvisor, Booking.com, blogs and The Bradt Guide are my main sources of information. If you are just going to laze around on the beach or by the pool everyday that is fair enough. However, if you want to explore, do your research before you go. You don’t want to go to a market or to a museum only to find out you that have chosen the wrong day !

Book your car hire in advance

Use the internet to sort out your car hire before you go away. If you try to hire a car while you are already on holiday you may find your options are limited.

Allow for olive oil in your cabin luggage on your return!

We pay in advance for an extra 5 kilos on our return for olives, honey and olive oil in our hold luggage. Yum.

Take plenty of sunscreen with you.

Suncream is expensive in The Peloponnese, it’s often over a tenner a bottle!

Read my blog !

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