A likkle cold starter.

Tallinn had a real buzz even though we visited out of season. There are plenty of bars, pubs, cafes and restaurants in the Old Town, many of which are hidden down passageways or in basements so you need to keep your eyes open.

Here are a few that we visited:


Troika, in Town Hall Square had slightly mixed reviews on Tripadvisor but it looked fun so this was our first dinner experience in Tallinn. I had booked in advance but when we arrived they had given our table to some influencial locals. When we finally got a table we were ignored for a long time as the waiters fussed around the local people who were seated near us, so we did get a bit fed up [we were hungry]. The food when it came was fine, but not exceptional, Leashia’s stew was served in a bowl of bread which was novel. The live entertainment was loud [and not always in tune] but got people dancing and it was entertaining if somewhat in your face!

Vanaema Juures

We had a wonderful meal here! Vanaema Juures means Grandma’s Place and it was so different to Troika. The food and service was superb. A quiet place with no live entertainment [aahh, shame!].

Rataskaevu 16

Rataskaevu 16 was where we had dinner on our last night in Tallinn. An amazing and creative menu, superbly presented food together with friendly staff and great service. A wonderful experience. I am starting to salivate as I type this!

Il Drakon

Il Drakon, by the Old Town Hall in Town Hall Square, is medeival themed and clearly aimed at tourists but worth a visit for a lunch with a difference. It is illuminated by candles only and it is so dark it takes time for your eyes to adjust. They have home made pasties, sausages and soup on the menu and free pickles from a large barrel. Oh and no cutlery! You have to slurp the soups straight from the bowl! The honey beer is interesting and worth a try. It’s all great fun. Kids [and adults] will love it.


Kompressor is a pub that serves a huge variety of savoury and sweet pancakes. It is cheap, popular, filling and great value.

Leashia doesn’t do savoury pancakes.


We just had to….

A Scottish Pub in Old Tallinn! We had an enjoyable visit here after our wonderful meal at Vanaema Juures. In need of a nightcap we tried this small basement bar which proclaimed itself with a Scottish flag outside the entrance. It had a huge selection of Scottish Whiskey of course and served food including deep fried Mars Bars. Well, we had never tried this Scottish delicacy before so we felt obliged to give it a go. In the end we actually plumped for deep fried Snickers which we shared. I ordered a splendid malt Whiskey to wash it all down. Our verdict – I was very impressed, although Leashia thought the chocolate ice cream and rasberry coulis an unnecessary distraction.

Depeche Mode Baar

We literally stumbled across this unique place on our last night. I saw Depeche Mode live just once in Brighton in 1981 when Vince Clarke was still in the band, yep I am that old, but they are even older! In we went and had a cocktail or two, or was it neat vodka ? or both? I really can’t remember. I do remember that we chatted to some friendly English peeps who had seen Kraftwerk earlier that night or was it Pearl Jam….?

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