Stunning, that’s the best word to describe Gerolimenas. Well not the town as such, which is pretty, but its setting at the end of a bay which is dominated on one side by a huge cliff which is called Cavo Grosso. There is not much to do in the town itself but it’s a pleasant mooch and it’s worth taking a quick look at the posh Hotel Kyrimai which is, well, very posh and has a pool.

Accomodation options in Gerolimenas are rather limited. Hotel Kyrimai is at the top end of the scale and Hotel Akrogiali on the waterfront looks pleasant but always seems to be booked up. Airbnb has a few options in and around the village but many are quite pricey.

Gerolimenas is not the place to go shopping as there is a distinct lack of shops but there is a supermarket on the main road just outside of the town to the south if my memory serves me correctly.

It’s the perfect place to do bugger all and doing bugger all is underrated methinks.

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