This wesbite/blog [blogsite?] is about sharing some of my favourite things : travel, music and food [and drink]. It’s a mix of my written experiences backed up with loads of photos. I do update my blog pages when I feel I have something interesting to say.

I usually travel with my wife, Leashia, and sometimes with our children. We tend to have a limited budget and are happy with simple, clean, friendly accommodation but there is of course a huge range of accommodation to suit all budgets on Tripadvisor. Whenever we have a good or interesting experience, if it’s still relevant, I will share it with you.

We fell in love with The Peloponnese on mainland Greece when we had our honeymoon there in 2013. We now return every year exploring new places every time we go. So there is now a large and ever expanding section on the Peloponnese which I hope you will enjoy.

The City Breaks section is also growing every year so keep an eye out for updates. The focus so far has been on Nordic countries, Scandinavia The Baltics and Eastern Europe.

Striking monuments in North and Eastern Europe:

The largest section is on Reykjavik, and is expanding as I keep returning!

Þingvellir National Park, Iceland

There is so much great music coming from the Nordic countries, especially Iceland and Norway, so I want to share that with you also. I have info on Norwegian music and Icelandic music in the relevant City Breaks section.

Since the lockdown I have been focusing on cooking and have an expanding recipe section with Greek and Non Greek recipes. I have had a great response to these, so I will continue to add new recipes over the next few months.

So here you have it, a website full of my personal indulgences. I hope you enjoy it.

Aurora Borealis, Arctic Circle, Norway.

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This is my first ever blog / website. Please feel free to contact me with your suggestions or opinions. I would love to hear from you. If you do like it please share it and tell the world!

NB- Most of the photos were taken by me, Leashia, or our children: Leora and Monique, Leora’s partner, Jonathan, or possibly a random stranger.