I tend to focus on savoury food but I do love a Greek sweet gooey pudding. My wife does make a rather yummy Baklava. [Recipe coming soon].

If you have a sweet tooth I have more desserts [not Greek] HERE.

Easy peasy granola, yoghurt and honey dessert.

Ok, I am going to be honest here. There is no talent or skill required in making this dessert. It literally takes a few minutes to make and is ideal if you have a sudden craving for something sweet or have forgotten to make a dessert for your guests! Is it really Greek? Well it does have Greek honey and Greek yoghurt in it so I think that makes it Greek in my eyes! Whatever it is, it’s very tasty.

Ingredients: To feed 1 peep – A couple of spoons of nutty granola, a healthy dash of raspberry coulis [home made? nah, you are having a laugh!], a couple of dollops of Greek yoghurt [ 5% fat works best] and some Greek runny honey.

Method: Sprinkle some granola on the bottom of a small glass dessert dish [a glass tumbler or wine glass would work too], add a couple of blobs of yoghurt and drizzle the coulis on top. Add another layer of granola followed by some more yoghurt and finish it off with the honey. Serve immediately or the granola may go soggy and tell your guests it took you ages!

Coming soon: Leashia’s Baklava


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