The Lower Town is wonderful with medieval streets and passageways, historic buildings, fortifications and churches seemingly everywhere you turn. It is a place where you can wander around, taking in the beautiful architecture and then accidently on purpose find yourself in a bar to rest your tired leggies.

Town Hall Square

This attractive square is where the famous Christmas market is held. The square is dominated by the 15th Century Old Town Hall with its tall tower and is lined with restaurants and shops as one would expect. It is easy to get lost wandering around the cobbled streets of Tallinn but invariably one eventually ends up here.

It is worth popping into the ancient pharamacy which has been there since 1422! There is a small room there housing interesting exhibits.

Holy Spirit Church

This small but delightful 14th Century church, near the northern edge of the square, is steeped in history. It is regarded by the locals as a church for the common folk and its beauty is in its simplicity.

St Olav’s Church

Just in from the Great Coast Gate is the 15th Century St Olav’s Church with its tall steeple which can be seen from miles around. When we entered the church there was a remembrance service in full swing, complete with a string quartet and choir, it was sombre and beautiful.

St Margaret’s Passage

This delightful passage was built during the 15th – 17th Centuries and has a series of artisan workshops on one side but was pretty quiet when we visited.

St Nicholas’s Church

This church with a huge steeple was built before the city’s walls were completed. Sadly it was destroyed in 1944 by Soviet bombs but has now been restored.

The Old Walls and Towers

Great Coast Gate and Fat Margaret’s Tower on the left.

It’s lovely walking by the old walls. You can pay to walk along certain sections but we were happy to look up at them from street level. The wall is lined by a series of towers [torns], the most famous being the wonderfully named Fat Maragret’s Tower [16th Century] which is now a maritime museum.

Three Sisters

Near Fat Margaret’s Tower are three colourful 15th Century terraced houses which have been beautifully restored and are now a plush hotel.

Freedom Square

This is a modern square in the south of Old Town just down from Toompea Hill. It is a smart square and a pleasant contrast to the historic Town Hall Square.

Outside the wall

Outside the city wall to the North is a green belt [well it was white when we were there] of parks and gardens. From here you can get a different perspective of Old Tallinn and the town walls.

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