Panagia Gorgoepikοos monastery on the side of the mountain. That’s our car at the bottom.

Nestani is signposted from the motorway. We did not hang around the town itself which had an impressive church but was otherwise unremarkable. We were looking to visit the monastery outside of the town and hoped for a nice place to have a picnic. We found a great spot opposite the monastery by a large white cross which had superb views of Nastani and the plain below.

The monastery does not look that old but in fact dates from 1714 and is now a nunnery. If you want to see inside you need to avoid lunch and siesta which is from 12 noon until 5pm. [you guessed it, we were there at lunchtime].

Below the monastery near some daunting steps that lead up the mountain is a modern but attractive church overlooking the plain below.

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